Psychotherapy, Movement & Coaching Fees:

50 minute session - $215.00

I also offer half-day intensives (a 4 hour session to allow for greater depth, or for those that can only attend sessions sporadically due to busy schedules etc) at a rate of $800 per half day.

I offer a small number of short term, reduced fee, sessions for those in financial need that could benefit from Movemental services. Please email me to check on current availability or to add your name to the wait list for one of these spots.

Getting Started:

Schedule your free consultation to discuss your challenges and goals and learn more about how the Movemental approach could change your life, or your performance, for the better.

Then schedule your first full session - same process, call or email me, and we'll get it scheduled. I'll then send you a few digital documents to complete before we meet and then we're rolling. Wherever possible we'll try to maintain the same weekly day/time for ongoing appointments.

A Note on Health Insurance:

I am not an in-network provider with any insurer - however, in some cases we may be able to work together as an 'out of network' service. You can find out by calling your insurer and asking how much they cover for out of network psychotherapy, and for how many sessons. If they offer some 'out of network' coverage, the client pays the session fee directly to me at the time of session and then submits the provided session receipts to their insurer for reimbursement. (There are also services that will manage this reimbursement submission process on your behalf, for a small fee (subtracted from your reimbursement).

Often people prefer to not involve their insurer at all for privacy reasons and concerns about implications should the healthcare service revert to pre-existing concern limitations. In this case, clients are referred to as 'private pay'.

If you'd like to discuss the insurance/private pay scenerios further, or need help understanding your 'out of network' coverage,  I'm always happy to chat.

You can call me directly on 310.463.7640

or email me: