Counseling for Depression in Los Angeles, CA

Depression in Los Angeles (just like all over the world) is incredibly common - whether we label it depression or something else, like 'feeling down in the dumps' or 'being blue' - the experience seriously affects 1 in 3 people.

But, just because a lot of people experience depression, it doesn't make it any less valid, real, or in need of attention. In fact, ignoring your depression can have major impacts on your physical health, mental health, relationships, and your work. 

What does depression feel like? Its different for everyone but some of the symptoms of depression include: 

The things you used to enjoy just don't appeal anymore.

You've got no energy.

Your sleep is all messed up. 

Your eating way more (or less) than is typical for you.

You have things you want to do - maybe - but just can't make yourself do them. 

You feel hopeless or helpless about the future. 

I sometimes think of depression as a monster that sits inside us rubbing its hands together in glee as it blocks us from enjoying the good things, hyper focuses on the negative, and beats us up whenever it gets the chance.

Awkward interaction with a new person?  Bad day at work? Disagreement with a friend or partner? Depression says its all your fault and likely goes on to list all the things you've ever done 'wrong'..... and then tells you you're weak for feeling crap. Yeah, "thanks, but no thanks" depression.

My counseling office is in the 90024 (near to Westwood, Beverly Hills and West L.A)  and I provide a unique blend of holistic, mind & body psychotherapy, that is research (not woo-woo) based and incorporates movement, yoga, and all the best strategies for beating your specific depression. 

Book a free consultation call with me now to learn my mind-body treatment approach to banishing depression for good.