Psychotherapy & Movement for Mental & Physical Health

You’re human. We all are. Whether we are running the show at work, at home or on the sports field, we all experience time, energy and confidence sapping struggles in our lives. These struggles do not define us but how we tackle them certainly might.

If you’re dealing with burn out, anxiety, depression, disordered eating, or one of the chronic diseases that often go hand in hand with these things - IBS, Fibromyalgia, Chron’s, Rheumatoid Arthritus, Diabetes - let’s tackle it.

The struggles we face often have a mind and a body component - tackling just one is like brushing only half of your teeth! But, combined, the power of mind & body to heal, is immense.

As a licensed therapist, peak performance coach, personal trainer and yoga teacher, I specialize in treating the causes of our problems at the mind AND the body level. Think of it as doing “double duty” so you can be back at your best as quickly as possible.

My approach is designed to free you from limitations set by your past, train you in tangible tools for immediate symptom relief, and set you up with the skills required for future ‘peak performance’, at home, at work or in sports.



Process the past. Fully experience the present. Enjoy the future.