And In To Your Body...

MOVEMENTAL offers a fresh, effective, and downright fun approach to psychotherapy for women dealing with anxiety and chronic auto-immune conditions.

MOVEMENTAL's unique blend of physical movement, meditation techniques and guided emotional explorations, led by a licensed psycotherapist, certified personal trainer and yoga teacher, gets you out of your head, into your body, and past the limitations anxiety and illness has put on you.

MOVEMENTAL also offers monthly events open to all women seeking the opportunity to experience body positive movement, connect with themselves and others in a fun, supportive, setting while trying out fun  activities.



Did you know ...

... the way you sit, stand, breathe and move has a huge effect on the thoughts you have, the mood you experience, the way you behave and ultimately, your relationships?


Did you also know...

... that when we're stressed out or anxious, the logical and smart thinking part of our brain is "offline", making it very difficult to "think ourself" out of it. BUT - you can move your way out of it!


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Learn the tools to effectively use your body and its connection with your mind, to calm your anxieties and connect with your natural power, confidence and all around badass-ness.

Take that to the bank for the rest of your life.

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