Hi there, I'm Kim...

...I've worked as therapist for years and I know it can be powerful stuff when done right - if you've been lucky enough to have a good therapy experience, you probably know that too. I've seen 'good' therapy change minds AND bodies. But, when it's all talk, talk, talk, it becomes part of the problem, not the solution. All that talking focuses only on the 'neck up' and can get you stuck in your head, in your thoughts and intellectualism. Great for understanding the theory of what's going on for you but not killer at shifting your experience and making real, tangible change happen.

On the other hand, I've also been lucky enough to work as a personal trainer, yoga teacher and movement coach for years. In that capacity I've seen up close how powerfully our bodies and our movement can impact our mood, our mental health, our physical health and our enjoyment of life.

But most personal trainers aren't equipped to wield the power of body for the purposes of the mind, and because  traditional psychotherapists tend to focus on talking and thoughts, therapy ignores the body. Seriously, WTF - if the mind and body is connected, why aren't the skills of a psycotherapist and those of a personal trainer?

I combine both - think of me as your personal trainer, yoga meditation teacher and psychotherapist all rolled in to one.

Over many years in the mental and physical health fields, I've developed an approach to psychotherapy that harnesses  the most useful bits of traditional psychotherapy as well as the kick-ass superpowers of sports  and peak performance psychology, movement and being 'in our bodies'.  It's changed my life and those of the many dealing with anxiety, PTSD, disordered eating and chronic auto-immune conditions, that I have already worked with.

Are you ready for mind, body and soul change?

If you've ever had a 'gut feeling', got a cold after a seriously stressful week at work or felt tired and grumpy when you've spent too long on the couch in one weekend, you already have great evidence of  how our bodies and brains are super connected and feed off each other.

Don't ignore that mind-body connection, use it to your advantage - in sport and in life. 

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What happens when you combine a psychotherapist, yoga teacher and a personal trainer? Mind-body-healing, that's what...

I'm Kim Hollingdale, a licensed psychotherapist (MFT #88227) with a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology (and a Doctorate degree in the works) with a substantial amount of training and experience in all sorts of psychotherapy techiques you might have never heard of - like EMDR, CBT, DBT, Trauma Focus, Somatic Experiencing, Attachment Theory and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction.  But its my other knowledge and experience that brings the unique approach to wellbeing and psychotherapy I'm proud to offer at MOVEMENTAL (now part of Angeles Psychology Group).

I am a long standing National Association of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer,  a Registered Hatha and Restorative Yoga Teacher, Meditation Instructor, recent IRONMAN finisher and all round movement-oriented, body positive, Health At Every Size, bad-ass.... (even if I do say so myself!)

I am a British-transplant with training and education from both sides of the Atlantic, and have been bringing my passion for sports, movement and the benefit of tuning in to our own bodies to the city of Los Angeles since 2009.  

If I'm not helping my clients use their bodies to heal themselves and get a better handle on their minds and their moods, you'll find me out and about training for my latest sporting adventure, slobbing out at the movies, walking my super spoilt pup 'Penny' or wearing my PJs as I sneak to the corner store for a post-run chocolate milk.

I provide movement and body-oriented psychotherapy for busy adults experiencing anxiety, PTSD, depression, disordered eating and chronic auto-immune conditions, in addition to hosting Positive Movement Immersive experiences, open to all.

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